Sophie van der Stap

Hi, I'm Sophie, novelist, writer and developer of audiovisual stories @ the creative content agency The Whale & The Butterfly. I spent many years in Paris and New York and recently moved back to my hometown, Amsterdam. 

My debut The Girl with nine wigs is the account of my battle against cancer. It travelled much further than I could have ever imagined. The book was published in over 20 countries and adapted into a movie. Currently, Alibaba is developing a Chinese remake.
My last novel, The possibility of you, portrays the lovestory of two millenials, dealing with lonesomeness and unrealized dreams in the era of social media and the big city. It takes place in Paris. 

Today I write mostly for and about nature. My next title and first childrens book, Shark Heroes, will be published in May 2023 at Fontaine. My most recent work is an illustrated short story titled The Girl And The Shark, in support of Sea Shepherd and the sharks. For pre-orders you can drop me an email at sophie@thegirlandtheshark.com   

Thanks for visiting! 🦈