Sophie van der Stap

I’m the author of five works of fiction and non-fiction. My first book, The Girl with nine wigs, travelled to many countries and was adapted into a movie. The book also catapulted me into writing. My last novel, The possibility of you, portrays the lovestory of two millenials, dealing with lonesomeness and unrealized dreams in the era of social media and the big city. It takes place in Paris where I lived for many years.

In 2015 I moved to New York. Here my writing has slowly taken a different course. I have written a filmscript for an animation movie, The Galapagos, and I’m currently working on a project that I’ve baptized The Other Guide, travel through stories, a series of illustrated city & nature portraits for which I collaborate with illustrators and designers.

I’ve always been a vivid traveller, from backpacking through the empty stretches of the Tibetan landscape, the Iranian desert or the Indian Himalayas, to many magical cities. The Other Guide is the result of my journeys.