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“It’s Saturday and everything is different. No, I didn’t go to the market this morning and I didn’t have my usual coffee on Westerstraat. And no, I wasn’t getting ready for a new semester at college. Next Monday, January 31st, I have to admit myself at the hospital for my first chemotherapy session. For the next two months, I’m expected each week for a fresh shot of vincristine, etoposide, ifosfamide and loads more exciting abracadabra.” Sophie is twenty-one when she is diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer. A striking, fun-loving student, her world is reduced overnight to the sterile confines of a hospital. But within these walls Sophie discovers a whole new world of white coats, gossiping nurses, and sexy doctors; of shared rooms, hair loss, and eyebrow pencils. 
As wigs become a crucial part of Sophie’s new life, she reclaims a sense of self-expression. Each of Sophie’s nine wigs makes her feel stronger and gives her a distinct personality, and that is why each has its own name: Stella, Sue, Daisy, Blondie, Platina, Uma, Pam, Lydia, and Bebé. There’s a bit of Sophie in all of them, and they reveal as much as they hide. Sophie is determined to be much more than a cancer patient. With refreshing candor and a keen eye for the absurd, Sophie van der Stap’s The Girl With Nine Wigs makes you smile when you least expect it.

Readers will swiftly be drawn into this beautifully written story of a brave and quite fascinating young woman.” - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY 

The Girl with Nine Wigs is the astonishing record of a year in the life of an extraordinary woman. As illness threatens her life she lives life to the full and when she most fears death she learns to seize the day.-DE TELEGRAAF 

'Her description is beautiful, sometimes indirect, sometimes explicit.' - HET PAROOL 

'The grandeur of this book does not rest only in the description of pain that Sophie suffered but also the courage with which she suffered it. What Sophie van der Stap has written is truly a masterpiece; she has managed to seize the lightness in the gravest of situations.' - DER SPIEGEL 

'Sophie is amusing, provocative and cheeky.' - DAGBLAD DE LIMBURGER


'Ik ben ziek, heb kanker en ga misschien dood. Maandag begint er een nieuw, onzeker leven voor mij. Vanaf maandag lig ik 54 weken aan het infuus. Dat is het enige zekere dat ik nog heb.' In 2005 werd bij de toen 21-jarige Sophie van der Stap een ernstige vorm van kanker geconstateerd. Over de 54 weken waarin ze vocht voor haar leven, schreef ze het ontroerende boek Meisje met negen pruiken, dat een groot succes werd en dat ook in Duitsland een bestseller is.

'Ze beschrijft het mooi, soms tussen neus en lippen door, soms expliciet.’ HET PAROOL