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Welcome to my official website. I’m the author of The Girl With Nine Wigs.


The girl in the story is me. When I was 21, I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer and was immediately admitted to the hospital. Overnight, my life changed. I lost my carefree life because of the cancer. I lost my hair because of the treatment. I lost the identity I built as a young girl.


Wearing wigs started off as a nightmare (you will understand when you look at the pictures and study my first wig). However, as some nightmares strangely do, my wigs turned into something good.  As a 21 year old girl, I was suddenly given access to so many new looks and charismas. As a result, each of my wigs went by a different name that embodied each persona. 


Time was a difficult thing to handle, as I didn’t have it on my side anymore while feeling bored within the hospital walls. Maybe there’s one thing in life I can’t deal with: looking at time passing by without being a part of it. I started wearing more and more wigs, fooling my nurses and doctors, and joking with my friends. I accepted a date with a guy I had known from the time I was still fresh and healthy, wearing a wig that could be explained as the result of a new hairdresser, just because I still wanted to be part of ‘it’.


Then, I picked up a pen. I didn’t particularly like writing at first but it just came to me. Once I started, I couldn’t stop writing. I kept a notebook next to my pillow at all times, as I had to make those notes that came to me at night, despite the fatigue. After a year of treatment, my diary was quite voluminous. It became a book and I became a writer.


Feeling slightly disconnected from my life before cancer, I continued to embrace the writing life once I became healthy again. Since then, I have written a novel, an ironic essay on modern spiritualism, and many short essays and columns for newspapers and magazines. I’m now working on a new novel. Writing doesn’t always come easy, but I never question it because it saved me from my battle with time while I was ill.  


I moved to Paris shortly after the book came out, and I am currently in New York. I was born and raised in Amsterdam.


The Girl With Nine Wigs has been published in 25 countries and was made into a German movie. The book was nominated for a Dutch Literary Award and Sophie has received several awards for the story. On a 2011 TEDx conference she spoke about her story and showed ‘her’ bald head to an audience for the first time.