(in the works / first mock-ups on my desk!) 

FELIX AND SANS SOUCI tells the story of Felix, a young artist and a misfit trying to find his home away from home, travelling through Europe over land and sea. He starts his journey in Paris where he meets Sans Souci, through whom the city of his dreams comes alive. But does Sans Souci really exist or is she merely a figure of his imagination, born out of his own pen? When the reality of Paris becomes impossible to keep up with, he packs his suitcase for a new journey and a new destination: Athens, where he ends up in an artist residency. But soon he can pack up his belongings again … Felix roams through a few more cities, taking up local jobs to pay for his living. He comes to work as a restaurateur in an old castle in Transylvania, as a restaurant waiter on the orient express and as a window cleaner in Lisbon. One day, high up on his ladder in Lisbon, he receives a phone call from his grandmother in Amsterdam. She tells him it’s time to come home; she only has one more month to live. Felix packs for his final journey, a journey that takes him to his grandmother and her past, and back home to his own past. 

FELIX AND SANS SOUCI is the result of my journeys. It's a series of illustrated booklets, each dedicated to a city I particularly care for: Paris, Athens, Venice, Cluj Napoca, Lisbon and Amsterdam.