The Girl And The Shark

Sophie van der Stap

The Girl And The Shark is a work of fiction. It was born of my fascination with the silent depths of the sea, its creatures, and my passion for language. In this story I have tried to verbalize a language that has no words, that lies behind the eyes, solemn and mysterious. 

But I could not have written this story without the generous support of Cristina Zenato, a girl who does exist, and who saved the lives of many sharks. The red wooden box in this story is hers. The sharks described, including their names, are hers. Nor could I have written this story without the existence of the larger community of shark conservationists whose work, openness and intelligence I’ve come to admire so much.

It’s my hope that this little story will help contribute to their great cause, which truly should be one that is close to all of our hearts, as our very existence depends on it.

The books pictured are my first samples. If you'd like to order your own copy email me at
When I have enough orders in I will contact you about the price and the foundation you'd like to support with the purchase. (Half of the proceeds will be donated to ngo's who help save sharks). 



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