The Girl With Nine Wigs

Nothing about my first book was planned. I was 21, I got sick - cancer - and in the hospital I learned to write. Somewhere in the midst of this struggle, I picked up a pen and couldn’t put it down. After a year of chemo & wigs, my diary was quite voluminous. It became a book and I became a writer. From the hospital I sent out a few pages to a newspaper and a few  days later I signed a contract with a publishing house.  

Wearing wigs started as a nightmare. However, as some nightmares strangely do, my wigs turned into something good. They gave me the space to explore who I was, or at least, didn't want to be. They helped me cope and forget. They heped me say, fu*k this, now it's time to dance. 

The Girl With Nine Wigs has been published in 25 countries and was made into a German movie. The book was nominated for a Dutch Literary Award and Sophie has received several heroic awards for her story. On a TEDx conference she spoke about her story.