The Other Guide

(in the works / first mock-ups in the making) 

The Other Guide, travel through stories, is the result of my journeys. It's a series of illustrated city portraits, to be boxed by continent. The first box is dedicated to Europe. The protagonist, Felix, is a young artist looking for his home away from home and travels the continent mostly by train. He starts his journey in Paris where he meets Sans Souci, through whom the city of his dreams comes to life. But does Sans Souci really exist or is she merely a figure of his imagination, born out of his own pen? When the reality of Paris becomes impossible to keep up with, he packs his suitcase for a new journey and a new destination: Athens. But soon he can pack up again ... The second box is dedicated to South East Asia and Mrs. Moo. Mrs. Moo, 88 and suddenly without husband, boards a cruiseship that takes her along the ports of Japan, China and the old region of IndoChine, while finding back the woman she was, before she became Mrs. Moo. 

In addition to the city portraits, I am dedicating a few stories to nature. The first story, The Girl And The Shark, is set in the sea. The story is about a girl who feels more at home beneath the surface than above, about a shark, who represents the unknown, and about the language they share. In the stories that follow I'll explore the sky, the desert, the mountains and the woods, all in the same, silent language: the language of the unknown.